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^ as always school/university selection should be about what subjects the pupil excels in and which career path he wants to follow...whilst this school may be a good choice if he wishes to become a pilot it may not be the ideal choice for say, english literature....

It would be interesting to know what Ao's reasons are for wanting him to be in a disciplinarian environment rather than one where he can follow his chosen carrer path relatively freely..but of course if he wants to be an aeronautical engineer it probably makes perfect sense...
Well I don't think it is uncommon in Asia for a mom to push her son into what "she thinks" is best and also, let's be honest, what gives the mother the most face
And there isn't many more face than their son going to a military school/academy

I don't agree with it and I express my opinion and concerns and they are heard
And it will be discussed plenty when I get there next week with all of us

But I do think her desire does have some merit in a way that she thinks he needs that discipline
He really is lackadaisical and extremely laid back
So that could go two ways............either he gains that discipline or he doesn't fit in at all

Me personally, and I have expressed this since he was pretty young, I think he should go into more of an artistic route
He's an amazing musician and just has a creative mind
I think he would excel in something like graphic design