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Hey Paul I don't know if you remember but my step daughter is going to University with the help of a scholarship she earnt in her school days, she is halfway through her 4th and final year doing nursing, most of her time now is doing practical training at various Thai Hospitals.

She is also sponsored by a Hospital in Bangkok and when she graduates she must work there for 1 x year, getting closer now 555 The scholarship included accommodation at the University although that only lasted 6 x months before she moved to a nearby room by herself, the University accommodation was a room shared with 6 x girls, she couldn't study properly. We pay for her room which is not to much, other costs add up as has been mentioned.

I'll be back in Thailand next week and if you want I could get her to ring AO and talk about what to expect at University, I realise the course would be completely different but AO could ask a few questions. Like myself and Paer we don't know what's required to attend University as neither of us had the opportunity.
Thanks Rivo

It's funny you mentioned doorm room sizes

When Nut told his cousin, who goes to Chula, that he might go to Thammasat
Her only comment was she was jealous that Thammasat has dorms with only 2 roommates whereas she has 4 people in her dorm

Let me ask Ao
But I think with all the feelers I will have put out by next month I should have a decent understanding