Tor Mor officials sent Taiyai and Burmese workers running to hide as they swooped on building sites looking for illegal workers - those without work permits, a registered employer/place of employment AND those not doing pure labour only jobs. Labouring jobs include digging holes, carrying bricks, sand or cement, cleaning rubbish etc.

The latter is an old rule which has been overlooked as there's simply not enough skilled Thai's [an oxymoron?] to fill building worker positions such as bricklaying, steel fabrication, tiling, painting etc.

Burmese and Taiyai don't usually drink nor spend half the day playing games on a smartphone although they do have more 'buddha days' off.

Builder principals have to pay the 4,500 bt fine for illegal workers and so this is a major setback for an local industry already besieged with wet weather and stalled projects.