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Thread: Phuket tsunami memorial service honored by few

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    Phuket tsunami memorial service honored by few

    PHUKET: A somber air hung over the tsunami memorial service at the Tsunami Memorial Wall in Mai Khao this morning as about 50 people turned up to remember those lost to the killer waves that struck Phuket in 2004.

    Thai official figures state that the tsunami killed 5,398 people and more than 3,700 disappeared in the waves that day.

    Hundreds of them died or disappeared in Phuket.


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    [SIZE="4"]Phuket rememebers victims with prayer[/SIZE]

    December 26, 2013 4:59 pm
    To mark the ninth anniversary of 2004 Asian tsunami, which affected Thailand's six Andaman provinces, the Tambon Mai Khao Administration Organisation on Thursday morning hosted interreligious rites in Phuket's Thalang district.

    An evening remembrance for some 800 people who died in Phuket is taking place at Patong Beach.

    Some 50 officials from local bodies, representatives of the US ConsulateGeneral in Phuket and relatives of those who were killed or went missing in the disaster attended the Buddhist, Islamic and Christian rites at the Tsunami Wall. They also laid wreaths at the wall, which was painted white and featured the names and flags of the 45 countries whose nationals died in the tsunami.


    Ranong , where 151 people were killed on December 26, 2004, was quiet. The provincial disaster prevention and mitigation office didn't host a commemoration or religious rite at the tsunami monument at Prapas Beach in Suk Samran district as in previous years. Only some relatives of the dead went to lay wreaths at the monument.

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    [SIZE="4"]Tsunami Memories Build For Mass Return for Tenth Anniversary in 2014[/SIZE]
    Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    PHUKET: Thailand's leading forensic expert, Dr Porntip Rojanasunan, is to appear at a tsunami memorial service and a public workshop at this year's anniversary on December 26.

    Next year's anniversary marks 10 years and it's expected to attract survivors, volunteers, and those who played a part in the identification of bodies from around the world.

    Dr Porntip played a key part in the identification process during the first 40 days. She told Phuketwan: ''On Thursday at the Baan Bang Maruan cemetery, where 380 unidentified victims are still buried, we will be reviewing the lessons of the 2004 tsunami in advance of the tenth anniversary.

    ''We learned a tremendous amount about body identification [5400 tourists and residents were killed] but the big lesson remains how to cooperate better at every level during a natural disaster.''

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    How prepared is Phuket now for another Tsunami? Did they ever replace the batteries in that warning buoy?
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    Only nine years ago , it seems a lot longer tbh ..

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