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Thread: Pregnant woman killed by Phuket cement truck

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    Pregnant woman killed by Phuket cement truck

    PHUKET: A woman seven months pregnant was run over and killed by a speeding cement truck in Patong yesterday. Hours later a man died in a high-speed motorbike collision on the Old Airport Road on Phuket's west coast.

    A report in Siangtai Daily named the woman in the Patong accident as 31-year-old Indonesian national Erna Dahlan.


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    I wonder what the crash investigation will discover.
    If the guy was speeding, then he will be in sh!t, but if they have jumped out in front of him, well it will be the boyfriends fault.
    I drove a concrete truck on the Gold Coast, and the number of times I had to stand it on it's nose to avoid some one who changed lanes in front of me coming down hill to a red light. People forget you can't stop 9-11 tons as quickly as a car stops, you take away our breaking area and you wear the consiquences.

    Not saying that is the case here, but it might be.
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