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Thread: Phuket poll: Irksome complaints by foreigners

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    Phuket poll: Irksome complaints by foreigners

    PHUKET: Foreigners in Phuket, both tourists and residents, have developed somewhat of a reputation for complaining over the years.

    The latest Phuket Gazette readers poll, online now, asks readers:

    Which of the following topics are you most tired of hearing foreigners in Phuket complain about?

    And the nominees are:

    Overpriced alcohol
    Double-pricing (when foreigners pay more than Thais)
    Tuk-tuks, taxis
    Local driving habits
    Immigration requirements

    To vote in the poll, click


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    Is this poll designed by a jet ski owner?

    Why are complaints irksome?
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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