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Thread: Phuket Gazette: Expert says Western lifestyle spawns 'global public health disaster'

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    Phuket Gazette: Expert says Western lifestyle spawns 'global public health disaster'

    PHUKET MEDIA WATCH– World news selected by Gazette editors for Phuket's international community

    UN expert says globalization of Western lifestyle spawns 'global public health disaster'PHUKET (News Wires): A United Nations independent expert on Tuesday said an international public health disaster persists as undernourishment and overweight problems have spawned from the globalization of western lifestyles.

    UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food Olivier De Schutter bluntly stated that "ourfood systems create sick people," noting that over a billion people are currently suffering from undernourishment while another billion remain overweight or obese.

    In his latest report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, De Schutter underlined that the right to food "means not only access to an adequate quantity of food, but also the ability to have a balanced and nutritious diet.


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    The artist formally known as Wabbits Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน wabbits's Avatar
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    The Fatties are taking over the world beware.55555
    But read this and have to agree..

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    I think it is a balance thing..... more wesren guys need to marry/live with, eastern girls and lean to love their cooking, that will help with weight and colestryol.... then the Bom Bom will take care of exercise.....

    World health problems fixed.....5555
    "Of course you love me darling, I handsome man 55555"

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