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Thread: Phuket’s Tiger Group roars back at MP Chuwit’s allegations

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    Phuket’s Tiger Group roars back at MP Chuwit’s allegations

    PHUKET: A representative of Phuket’s Tiger Group of entertainment and nightlife venues has publicly lashed out against the allegations made by controversial MP Chuwit Kamolvisit.

    The entertainment group is even considering legal action, said Thamrongsak Boonrak, legal counselor to the Tiger Group management.

    The threat of legal action follows Kathu Police yesterday afternoon conducting surprise raids of businesses run by the Tiger Group in Patong, following a slew of recent allegations by MP Chuwit that “the largest casino in Southern Thailand” was being operated in one their establishments, which was also allegedly involved in prostitution.


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    “It is true we have disco and beer bars downstairs, our dancers are not prostitutes. The dancing is not lewd. You know, a few week ago there was a pole dancing competition in Singapore. It is international, not at all obscene,” he said.
    Some things in LOS are just surreal... 555
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