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Thread: Phuket Earthquake Latest: Potential for More, Say Seismologists

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    Phuket Earthquake Latest: Potential for More, Say Seismologists

    Latest Scientists from the Earth Observatory of Singapore are unravelling the secrets of the region's recent earthquakes, with lessons for Phuket to absorb.


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    An interesting report no doubt cobbled together using US and Jap scientific data.

    There's actually very little known about the 'mantle' type quake such as last weeks but it would appear to be a new rift, or crack, crossing the Sumatran subduction trench in a rough east/west bias. This is based on my limited knowledge of plate tectonics and a simple understanding of geophysics. A new rift could have been triggered by the 04 quake which saw nearly 2000 km's of Indian Ocean sea floor move many metres below the Sumatran ridge. A snag if you like, causing a minor bisecting crack, which with normal annual shifting of ~50mm, is now widening with the additional pressure.

    IMHO such a scenario could also be the cause of the Phuket quakes. The major quakes are however coming from the Australian-Indian plate, many hundreds of km's to the west, and south west.
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