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Thread: Patong Hill repairs still not started .... new landslide risk

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    Patong Hill repairs still not started .... new landslide risk

    Driving over the hill last October, immediately after the major (Kathu) slip, I posted photos and reported on the potential for further slippage. This article paints a similar picture ....
    Landslide Fears Prompt Phuket Governor To Push For Patong Hill Road Repairs - Phuket News and Events - Thailand Forum

    My photos from 2011 >>

    Power poles were subsequently relocated to the high side of the road and make-shift repairs done at least twice to a minor slip on the Patong side. This Kathu-slip is far more serious and I find it quite unbelievable that urgent repairs were not started before the current rainy season.... after all else, the west coast of Phuket is a major tourist destination.
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    For all the billions of baht tourists bring into Patong they are rewarded with a death trap road in and out. It is one of the worst engineered roads I have ever seen. When will they get the message and undertake modern capital works like they do in China?
    And where the hell was Biggles.....?....when you needed him last Saturday....?

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