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Thread: Give people in South more say, renowned lawyer advises

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    Give people in South more say, renowned lawyer advises

    Residents of Thailand's three southern-most provinces need to have a greater say in how the issues of separatist-related violence and decentralisation are being resolved, says human-rights lawyer Ratsada Manusasada, winner of this year's Somchai Neelapaijit Memorial Fund Award, which was announced yesterday.


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    I speak from ignorance, bias to buddhists and as a spectator.

    Southern Thais who want to live in a Muslim state have a choice, move south and be happy..........

    I have yet to meet a muslim i haven't liked... But why the minority of muslim fundamentalist ******s getting all the attention?????

    We wont be angry and torture you, you can blow up as many schools and kill as many teachers as you like........ GRRRRRRR! Get a FKN Life.... and respect all life not just what your brand of religion and idiot zealots teach you.....
    Ohhhh, Pigsy! You call yourself a demon? จูบก้นของฉัน Everything I post here is IMHO and IME... I am no expert....

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