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Thread: No new ideas to deal with South

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    No new ideas to deal with South

    As political and security chiefs play 'musical chairs', the decisions of leaders do not reflect ground reality


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    Late this morning, AsiaUnknown was tipped that a group of men at a bar on Phuket had found solutions to all of the problems, the world is facing. However a collective loss of memory for all members of the group has left the world in despair.

    The text message that AsiaUnknown received this morning, stated that the group consisting of six different nationalities had found the solution all the problems in the world. The men found the solutions while sharing a couple of beers at their local bar in Kata Beach.

    The message was apparently send to all top politicians around the world as well, but AsiaUnknown was the first news site to locate the leader of the group.

    Congratulations, you must be really proud of yourself?

    - What? ****! Oh what have I done now? Me proud? I don’t know, but I have a headache, says the leader, Mr. K. Kenny.

    Yeah, a headache is understandable as you have used all night figuring out solutions to all the world problems. Can you share some of the thoughts from last night?

    - I really can’t remember much. I mean, I remember Bryan mooning the strip joint on the other side of the street. That was really funny, says Mr. K. Kenny and laughs.

    After a couple of more questions – and telephone calls to the other members of the group – the conclusion is that the entire group suffers from a collective memory loss, but the world is not left without hope.

    - Cheer up mate. I will call you next time, we get a bright idea, promises K. Kenny, before AsiaUnknown leaves him to rest.

    World leaders in despair
    The news that a solution to all the world problems haven’t been found after all has left the political world in despair. The American President, Mr. Barack Obama has already showed his sympathy for the six geniuses in a press release in which he wishes them all well. In Thailand the Minister for Disasters and other bad things have spoken briefly to AsiaUnknown.

    - Oh, come on. Don’t I ever get lucky? I have had this job for the last ten years and the news this morning was the first positive news I have ever had. I am so tired of only hearing bad things. I want to me the minister of joy and happiness, Says Mr. P. Rozak, Thai Minister of Disasters and other bad things to AsiaUnknown, before heading back to bed.

    In order to make sure that no further conversations between the six bright heads will be lost, the Thai Bureau of Listening In will be recording all conversations in and around Kata Beach for the next year.
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