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Thread: Phrae, lower North battle floods

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    Phrae, lower North battle floods

    Yingluck maintains govt on target in preparations for the rainy season


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    Blah blah ... too much BS. eg:
    To prevent a repeat of the Sukhothai flood last week, the Royal Irrigation Department would install water level gauges in areas prone to disasters.
    What's really needed are more qualified hydraulic engineers and better drainage schemes.
    City and urban drain-pipes are generally no more than 450 or 600mm diameter. Our mooban has 300mm street drains... less than a 1/3 of QLD standard. A joke!

    Septic overflow, grey-water, and stormwater all flow these drains.

    And where does stormwater go ... in the city, direct to river. In the suburbs, to the nearest empty (rice) field or khlong and eventually, the river.

    Downstream, rivers are heavily silted, banks overgrown and full of rubbish - old car bodies, fridges, tree trunks etc. TV News showed ppl clearing a road and pushing fallen trees into the river.
    Cheers, Rob.
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