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Thread: Retirement age extension mulled

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    Retirement age extension mulled

    Civil servants may be kept in the workforce from 60 to 62 to alleviate the problems of an 'ageing' society


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    I was always saying I would still be working when I was seventy if my body would let me.... It has slowed me down with my right foot. I see LOS following OZ...

    Good thing, think I am a cranky old fart now. Lets see what happens when we get older and crankier with the beaurocrasy.... Go grey power 55555555
    Ohhhh, Pigsy! You call yourself a demon? จูบก้นของฉัน Everything I post here is IMHO and IME... I am no expert....

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    It's 67 for men in the UK now. 62... tell them he's dreamin!
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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