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Thread: 'No camp for Rohingya'

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    'No camp for Rohingya'

    The people of Ranong will oppose the setting up of a refugee camp for Rohingyas in the southern coastal province, their leader said yesterday.


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    This is sad news.

    I have a Thai 'beach boy' mate who is enlightened enough to ask what I thought about the issue.
    He had been saddened by the story of a Rohingya boy of 8 who had walked to Phuket after his family had been murdered in Northern Burma.

    I said that both he and I know that there are 2 MILLION Burmese working in Thailand.
    He didnt know , but by 2020 , if things continue to 'progress' in Burma , it is predicted that half will go back.
    So what will Thailand do for laborers then?

    I pointed out that 300,000 Burmese have already gone , and he agreed that there was a labour shortage already around here. Since there is no welfare system in LOS , if they could work , then they should be welcome ( no camps, no 'welfare' )... by coming in at the bottom of the pile , the lowly Thais would automatically 'go up', just as happened to the 'already there' in Aus or the USA.
    Sure , a few of the Thais with no motivation or 'issues' would be passed over in favour of some new Burmese, but that happens now.
    IMO it would be an asset to Thailand and Ranong in particular , to have a population of Burmese speaking people poised to be middle men ( eventually) for a gateway city like Ranong , to the fast 'emerging' country of Burma.

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