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Thread: Phuket Taxi Drivers Content to Wave Farewell to Cruises

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    Phuket Taxi Drivers Content to Wave Farewell to Cruises

    Latest If cruise ships don't want to visit Phuket for fear of blockades and high taxi prices, never mind, the leader of protest drivers says. Coming Next: Perhaps the US Navy.


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    ''If cruise ships come and we don't get any benefits, we are not concerned if they don't come. Mai ben rai (Never mind),'' Khun Narong said.

    Let the businesses that suffer and go broke because of this ****e faced idea's man!

    They think they are god, and able to do, charge what they like.

    Hold the US boys to ransom??? this week, you are joking!!!

    The government PROMISED the US Navy, and SEALS, last year, there will never be a repeat, of the **** these pircks created.

    Last week, it happened to a cruise ship, again, as always. Ha Ha Ha the thing is 65% of the passengers, were US, and the calls going to the embassy, and US polition's was in the thousands.

    The Navy chief's have been told to make a Clear and open example. This IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

    The "Boy's" have been given certain leeway' if they are stopped, harassed, etc.

    I also believe, at this time, plans are being made to change destinations for coming shore leave, of 3 destroyer's.

    Phukett's mafia, and genuine business's, are going to find their economy, at least 1/2 by the end of this year.

    The top cruise ship cartel, and tourist booker's are having a meeting, very shortly, to decide what to do about this.

    It will be secretly in Amsterdam.

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    Tuk tuks taxis have been getting away with this sort of thing for years now - nothing has changed in the decade I have been visiting Phuket - and IMHO nothing will in the next decade at least.

    I find these recurring stories in Phuket Wan boring - same facts, different victims, lots of noise about something being done.....repeat, repeat, repeat

    The high cost of transport is just something you factor into any trip to Phuket.

    Tourists keep coming to Phuket year after year in their thousands regardless of the tuk-tuks, the airport closures, the crime, the jet-ski scams and the countless other rip-offs .....why would they change a winning formula? LOL

    Life is the unexpected ...

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