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Thread: Booking Hotels through Thai Dreaming

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    Booking Hotels through Thai Dreaming

    As the title says has Wabbits got any booking agents that we should be using to help this forum.

    Bit late for me on this trip as I have already booked, I booked the Raming Hotel in CM through PI and Nicke says it helps his forum, I could'nt get any cheaper than through him, its cheaper than the hotel website.

    I am not sure what Nicke gets out of it ?

    I was just thinking about this last night as my mate wants me to book 3 weeks stay in CM for him as he can't find any cheaper than I paid for the Raming, BTW I am paying 1570 per night inc for a deluxe room with king bed.
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    I think if you go through the links at the top and the bottom of the page it helps Wabbs out...... I think they sling him a beer or 2 on his next trip 555

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    They do but i would say only use if it saves you money.
    Our last trip to PAtong i used it to make sure it worked and for me it saved me money.
    Like anything look at it, compare, if it saves you money use it.

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    New Slogan ... "Book your Trip through Thai-Dreaming and we love you long time!"
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