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Thread: Sofa Gallery Hotel NongKhai

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    Sofa Gallery Hotel NongKhai

    This boutique hotel is lovely on the banks of the Mekong if you are looking for something a bit special in NK

    24 / 2 T. Mi Chai, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand
    Free High-Speed InternetRestaurantRoom Service
    Accommodation Type: Small Hotel
    Number of rooms: 3

    Reviews can be found here.
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    You working in the travel business now Jessica?

    Maybe post a bit about your experiences before posting about specific hotels....
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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    I think this is useful info about a popular border run area.
    Jessica is well placed to provide a lot of useful info which may be different to that from your WAGS.
    Don't get too paranoid boys!
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    Will keep as it is good content.

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    How much per night Jess?

    Have you stayed here before?
    A Wise Man Once Said "Nothing"

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    Friends of mine have done and loved it Rivo. I live in around the corner so not necessary for me, but I its not cheap about $55 a night I think. Like I said something special . There is also another resort in the area again on the Mekong much cheaper and also nice. Unfortunately shares the same name as an unpopular hotel further down in town but this one is very nice.
    Unless you like walking you need transport or a Tuk Tuk.

    Yes $55 for NK is not cheap I know, but once in a while lol.

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    Hello to you Jessica. Thank you. Question. please suggest some fishing. Sorry for my English
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    Quote Originally Posted by jontymate View Post
    Hello to you Jessica. Thank you. Question. please suggest some fishing. Sorry for my English
    I dont fish, I leave the killing of objects to the men.

    I have seen catfish and many other kinds of fish in the Mekong, well I eat them with no problem!

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