Just back from LOS, i needed a hotel for 1 night close to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Talking to Kaptain Rob on the phone asking if he knew of any, he suggested AB Residence as they have cheap rates. OK cool i'll look into that then.
Off to the internet about an hour later, do you think i could remember what the name of the hotel he suggested was ? nope !
Oh well i'll just do a search and see what i can find.
What i came up with was this little hotel called Plai Gardens.
Rang them to make a booking as i couldn't do it over the net as my credit card was full now lol. Yes sure we can do a cash one for you when you get here . Awesome !
Do you need transfers from the airport ? Yes please.2.00pm tomorrow thanks. ok, see you then . Great done .
I did cheat a little , as i was coming by mini bus from Phetchabun . As i had no idea where i was going really ,the mini bus doesn't go to Swampy, only to the depot or drop off along its actual route.That plus my Thai for a taxi driver I didn't trust to get me there .
So off to the depot and caught a taxi back to Swampy,and waited for my transfers at gate 4 level 2. heheh . Sure enough they were there on time and off to the hotel we go.
Arrive at the hotel, to find a reasonable little hotel very close to the Airport. A little dated ,but clean,friendly,and a reasonable price. It has an outside dinning area which is separated from the reception area by the driveway,which was a great little atmosphere, with staff permanently situated there waiting to serve you. Inside the reception area are computers for internet access if you don't have your own computer. Free WIFI, which down in that area is lightning fast !And a pool table.

The meal i had was basic but good.Deffinatly cheap. Had a Sapghaetti Bolagnase , and 3 large Heinikan beers for 390 baht.
As for the transfers back to the airport next morning , they leave on the hour every hour and same in reverse.
My room was 730 baht because i was a walk in , however if you are booking over the net you can get them for about 590baht a night.
Sitting there eating my meal i looked across the road, to see the AB Residence that Kaptain Rob had suggested lol. Which looked probably a little better, but i was very happy where i was so didn't worry me . But good to know where it is !

Next morning back to the airport, i timed it to see just how close we were. From drive way to drop off was just under 5 mins. It was literally out of the Soi and straight onto the ramps leading into the airport.
Its nothing special, but deffinatly clean , comfy,and relaxing place that i will stay agin and will recommend it for anyone needing an overnight stopover close to Swampy for those early morning departures!
Here is a link to there website:Bangkok Airport Hotel : Plai Garden Suvarnabhumi boutique hotel Bangkok Thailand


Outside dinning Area.Straight across driveway from reception.

Another of the outside dinning , however there is also and inside restraunt as well as you can see if preffered.

Inside my room, small but comfortable.