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Thread: On-line travel agents

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    On-line travel agents

    Just booked a one way Jetstar flight (BKK to MEL) via Expedia. It was around $40cheaper than via Jetstar's website. First time I have seen that as I have always found the same price or cheaper by using the Jetstar website. One thing to watch is whether baggage is included or not. $53 to include 20kg later, and around half that if you select the baggage inclusive option at the time of booking.

    If you are flying Thai Airways, then I have found Zuji regularly gives you a better price than the Thai Airways website, although been 12 months since I have flown Thai.
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    When I booked my last trip, Thai air website was about 25% more expensive than the travel agent I used.

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    I always use Kayak to book my flights always cheaper than the airlines and better than Trailfinders , also use Hipmunk to compare travel times , great little bar chart , but their prices aren't that brilliant

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    Sky scanner is another good airline aggregator.

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    STA travel is pretty reasonable at times... I use skyscanner to get an idea, then have a look at the airline website. Sometimes airline sites are cheaper, sometimes not.

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    like everything you have to shop around...with air tickets..demand plays a big part...some times if you try book to early the price is high...when i do a search on singapore..the price can vary from day to day...suppose its got to do with how full/empty a plane is

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