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Thread: 7 eleven selling air asia tickets

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    7 eleven selling air asia tickets

    Now you can grab an air asia ticket with your cheap can of singha from any of Thai's 7800 711 outlets.... yep that's 7800 711 stores. One on almost every corner

    Thai AirAsia tickets available at 7-Eleven | Bangkok Post: business
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    It isn't exactly "unique".
    IIRC you have been able to pay for NokAir tickets at 7/11s for several years.
    I can just imagine standing behind a Russian/Thai/Indian family while they choose and book flights while your drinks get warm 555!
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    ^^^^^^ That was my first thought as well Zab.

    80% of bookings are online these days so the only likely people booking thru 7/11 would be those without internet access.

    I can just see the person at the front of the que.....Um, ah, I bought my ticket to CM here yesterday paid cash and when I got home I forgot to take it out of my pocket and the clothes went thru the wash. I need a replacement ticket.....after 1hr of phone calls to get thru to TAA and find the ticket number, get it cancelled and reissue a new one you won't need the pie in your hand to be heated up 55555

    We had TAA here in Aust. a long time ago, an airline no longer in existence.
    "Of course you love me darling, I handsome man 55555"

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