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Thread: Patong Hotels

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    Patong Hotels

    Have been looking at a couple of hotels in Patong with view to a possible trip later in the year.

    Found what seem to be really good value, but come into my "its to cheap to be true" radar

    1st I looked at it the Patong Max Value Hotel in 27/22-23 Soi Patong City (Soi the Kris Hotel) Patong
    Patong Max Value Hotel | Patong Beach Hotel | Phuket, Thailand
    I can book the best room in there in July for $285 for 8 nights

    2nd One is Oscars Hotel Oscar Boutique Hotel , Patong Beach, Thailand - 24 Guest reviews . Book your hotel now!
    That one I can book for $343 for 8 nights

    Both look to be spot on, clean and excellent recent reviews on Trip Advisor. Wonder if anyone had stayed there before have any comments on either of the hotels. I have a rough idea of where they are located and are further out than where I normally stay.

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    There is a plethora of new small hotels like these, the last 2 years of building boom has seen probably 100 built ... and really the decision for most potential guests is proximity to what they like to see or do.

    Max wins in both categories if you are after beaches and bars - Id guess 10-15 mins walk to Jungceylon and Bangla , and 10 minutes to the beach - and the better end of the beach where theres no klong emptying out , so cleaner sea water.

    Oscars would suit someone who had friends on Nanai , or travelled down to Karon a lot.

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