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Thread: 10000 Baht limit on incoming Duty throughout Thailand

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    10000 Baht limit on incoming Duty throughout Thailand

    May not effect too many of us but I came accross this today.
    Basically Thailand are going to start charging a duty on items brought into Thailand over the value of 10000B.
    May effect TG's more as they tend to pack many many gifts for family are return trips...

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    .....Expensive new watches or bags worth more than 10,000 baht will be liable to duty, even if being worn....


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    "Gifts prepared to give to other people, donated items, collectable items, second-hand goods, empty watch and brandname bag boxes are not considered as personal items"

    So if you say the 3 watches you have are gifts for your family or friends you are OK??? is that what it means??

    What happens if you go via KL or Sing. and buy a new laptop for say $1,000 (30,000B) are you going to be hit with the import duty and if so can you claim it back when you leave??

    I see they are including clothes in the figure as well.
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    They are back pedalling at the speed of light: The signs at swampy are already gone....

    Customs Department mulls raising duty-free restriction | Bangkok Post: business
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