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Thread: CNX emergency last night - A330 loses engine on take-off

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    CNX emergency last night - A330 loses engine on take-off

    Chiang Mai airport has been carrying out repair work to taxiways last 2 weeks and runway 36 (north take-off) has been unavailable.

    Wild and sometimes humorous speculation on TV ensued with a thread entitled "Planes taking off back to front".

    The use of runway 18 (south take-off) has not bothered us as we are quite a bit east of the flight path an planes are already at ~3000m when turning above our mooban.

    1730hrs last night and we heard faint take-off thrust from the airport and 2 loud explosions. Couldn't see anything as the plane was low down and beyond tree line but it did climb out and turn well south of us which seemed unusual given ATC separation rules during the above works.

    TG A330 had lost an engine! Pilot declared an emergency and returned to CNX, landing safely at 1744. Another aircraft resumed the flight at 2300hrs.


    CNX will soon commence a major runway upgrade with night works from midnight to 6am during July. Airport runway 18/36 will be closed during works.

    Long overdue terminal work and extension should commence soon also. The current airport will remain in use for at least another 20 years before a new airport is built near Lamphun.
    Cheers, Rob.
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    Wow...scary. Well done that pilot...!
    And where the hell was Biggles.....?....when you needed him last Saturday....?

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    One came over the top of my house early one evening, same Moo ban. I swear i could just about see the heads of the rivets holding some panels on the thing. Harldly any thrust and couldn't have been any higher than 100m up.

    Scary stuff

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    Scary stuff glad it all worked out.

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