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Thread: Thailand holiday video

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    Thailand holiday video

    My friend recently got back from a 3 week stay In Thailand - he put together this video which shows how great Thailand is,hope some people enjoy the video,its a long one but worth a flick through.thanks!

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    WTTB , thks for posting , but at 1hr 43 mins , I'll wait for the highlights version 555

    where in Thailand do you like visiting Simmo ?
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    1. Welcome to the forum
    2. Thank you for contributing

    I hate being critical of other people's work, but Stillearly is correct. You will lose any audience that you might get by posting a video that long. That video should have been broken up into no more than 5 minute segments at best. Home movies are really only interesting to the family, no matter how good the actual film footage is. On positive note, the film footage was good.

    Even with professional movies there has to be a story line and film footage that backs up the story. Most segments in real movies seldom last more than 5 to 10 seconds long before the visual aspect changes to a different view. Even action scenes seldom last any longer than 10 seconds from any one visual perspective. And, a story is used to tie them all together.

    If I was posting the same amount of video as your friend I would add a map and a worded description over each segment so the audience would know where you are and what you are doing. That might help other tourists to learn from your experience and it would be of some value. At that point you might get a following audience.

    For example, 1. Airports in Thailand - how long it takes to get through. Where you have to go to get a bus or taxi. How long a taxi ride to your hotel and how much it costs.
    2. Show Hotels at various destinations and what you get for the various prices.
    3. Beach scenes and what there is to do there, etc, etc.

    Those are just rough suggestions. On this forum we have trip reports from various members. They are valuable for advice and what to expect in the various areas of Thailand. Stillearly posted some excellent trip reports in the past, complete with photographs. Video is just another aspect of a trip report and can be just as valuable if they are well thought out and have a rough story line... BUT they can't be too long or you lose your audience. Many people only follow Youtube on their cel phone and a long video will be totally ignored.

    Before I make up any video I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and a rough story in my head BEFORE I even start taking any video. All good writing has transition sentences that tie one segment (paragraph or chapter) together with the next one. If I'm doing a fishing video I use very short clips of 2 to 3 seconds long of flowers or scenery before I start the next action scene.

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    Thanks for sharing. I could only flick through as well, but it looked like a nice enough holiday.
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