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Thread: Kermit returns to Tasmania

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    Kermit returns to Tasmania

    Sorry for the delay in reporting on my trip.

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    Looking forward to the maps
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    Where do I start, best by saying what a fabulous country.

    Thailand exceeded my expectations and I have to express my envy to all who post on here that live a dream life in Thailand.

    I now understand why the majority of you are so passionate about LOS.

    (F#@k wine is off the planet price wise though.)

    This is where we went and I will expand on each location a bit later as I am in need of a hunter valley red or a bold shiraz from the clare valley as I am Singha'd out.

    First two nights in Bangkok, then "first class???" overnight train to Chiang Mai.

    Chiang Mai, bottle it and sell it, no wait, leave it alone, it sells itself.. Best Thailand coffee, food, climate, amazing people, Nimman Road, old city.)
    Seven nights there.
    Tell you about it in more detail later.

    Fishermans Village Bophut on Koh Samui. (Smile House accommodation, great place, two good pools, lovely staff.)
    7 nights, Night markets amazing, more later.)

    Shitty beach across the road, may as well have been a gravel pit preparing to resurface the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne.
    No one swam there and for good reason, the water was opaque. Shame, see below for cause.

    Coffee club and other beach front establishments had open drains running into the ocean.

    The suit hawkers were worse than the charity muggers in Martin Place in Sydney, however negative all this sounds, it wasn't.

    Visited Silver Beach, amazing.

    Karon Beach Phuket. 7 nights.

    Grand Sunset Hotel was 200 metres from the beach, squeaky clean sand, clear as crystal water.

    I will post more detailed info shortly.
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    Tasmania sounds uncannily like Thailand,.. right down to place names... 55
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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    ^ I like the restaurant on the beach at Smile...good food and not too badly priced for the tourist trap that is Bophut...

    You are right about the is one of the poorest on the island...especially with a northerly blowing onshore to it...sea is the colour of a beer with the froth on top...555

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    why does everyone do the overnight train to CM when there's so much see and you can get a better bed and sleep in a 400 baht hotel? 55
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moo Uaon View Post
    why does everyone do the overnight train to CM when there's so much see and you can get a better bed and sleep in a 400 baht hotel? 55
    So they don't see the derailment coming?
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