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Thread: 72 Virgins wine

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    72 Virgins wine

    72 Virgins wine sold to raise funds for anti-Islamic group in Australia

    Published December 04, 2014

    The product’s label reads:

    “Consumption of this Australian wine may prevent you from entering the Islamic Paradise. However, both the Jewish and Christian paradises remain open as alternative.”
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    Nice. It should have been a bottle of red though.
    Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

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    I have always wondered what the "Lady Martyrs" get....

    72 Virgins in Heaven?

    What does Islam say about virgin women in heaven waiting for the men? Do the women have anything as such in paradise?

    This is a Hadith of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him). Actually it’s in Quran talking about this. In paradise there are many things that you cannot describe, you can’t understand. Allah mentioned in Quran many things about the Paradise, it doesn’t compare with this, and those women there don’t compare with women here. Women there, Allah tells you about them, do not have monthly cycles, they do not eliminate (they do not go to the bathroom). This is not in Paradise, so they are not compared. So, get this mentality straight, get your head straight - don’t compare that to this it’s much better.

    The food there is not like the food here, the digestive system there is not like the one here. What you have there is very real and it never breaks, doesn’t go bad, you don’t go to the doctor.

    And by the way, men you are going to love this. In the Jannah, two things: there’s no “honey do” list (some of the ladies laughing; they know what I’m talking about). You know what that is? When you get home “Honey would you do this and do that?” that’s “honey do.” So, there’s no “honey do” list and there’s no tool box because you don’t have to fix anything, everything is perfect. So, don’t confuse virgin girls in the paradise with the dancing girls here in a bar somewhere. This is totally different, this is not prostitution.

    Please! Stop reading these goofy books. It’s totally different, you don’t understand it, but Allah gives it to you.

    The women have something even better. Their husband becomes the guy that they wanted him to be here. Can you imagine that?

    Sheikh Yusuf Estes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changone View Post

    The women have something even better. Their husband becomes the guy that they wanted him to be here. Can you imagine that?

    Sheikh Yusuf Estes

    ATM machine with 10" d1ck?
    Cheers, Rob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaptainrob View Post
    ATM machine with 10" d1ck?
    Jeez, women only want a man that loves to cuddle.

    With a 10 incher as desert! 55

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