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Thread: Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness

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    Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness

    Don't know if this has been posted or not before but people may enjoy some insight as to what Isan was like in the 1920's

    Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927) is a silent film about a poor farmer in Issan (Northeastern Thailand) and his daily struggle for survival in the jungle.

    In the directors' own words, Chang is a "melodrama with man, the jungle, and wild animals as its cast." Kru, the farmer depicted in the film, battles leopards, tigers, and even a herd of elephants, all of which pose a constant threat to his livelihood. As filmmakers, Cooper and Schoedsack attempted to capture real life with their cameras, though they often re-staged events that had not been captured adequately on film. The danger was real to all the people and animals involved. Tigers, leopards, and bears are slaughtered on camera, while the film's climax shows Kru's house being demolished by a stampeding elephant.

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