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Thread: Parking Police Nightmare

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    Parking Police Nightmare

    I would like to give this girl 11 out of 10 for her actions, along with most of the people who have been clamped or nicked for parking.

    A 27-year-old woman was let off the hook last night after stealing the key to a cop’s motorcycle because he was booting her illegally parked motorcycle.

    Sudteerak Kaewsingha said she became enraged to find Honda motorcycle’s wheels being clamped Wednesday afternoon by officer Wannalop Sripaeng on a road near the Capital Plaza shopping center in Chinatown. In the midst of arguing with Wannalop, Sudteerak said she became so angry that she grabbed the key from his patrol motorcycle and ran off.

    Police spent several hours searching in vain for Sudteerak and the key, until the woman showed up about 6pm at the Phlap Phla Chai Police Station to return the key, pay her 600 baht parking fine and apologize. She told reporters that she regretted her actions.

    Police were apparently satisfied as they released Sudteerak without charge.

    “The perpetrator already apologized to the police officer and confessed that she committed the act out of momentary rage,” said Lt. Col. Samroeng Songsiang, station deputy commander.

    Samroeng said police reprimanded Sudteerak but did not charge her for stealing the key because they didn’t want to damage her record.

    Samroeng took the opportunity to encourage respect for the law for the sake of all.

    “I’d like to warn members of the public to respect the rules, regulations and good road behavior, because roads are public property. If everyone respects the rules and regulations, it would decrease traffic jams.”

    Born to Be Wild 55555555

    PS: I wonder if I would have got the same police understanding if I had nicked it ?????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by chelski View Post
    PS: I wonder if I would have got the same police understanding if I had nicked it ?????????
    Not a chance! Fine would be 10,000 baht. You falong, you pay more. 555

    They have a lot of funny rules when it comes to just about everything regarding enforcement. I think I could write a book on the subject now. I've seen the cops ticketing, or clamping obvious rental bikes but ignoring the local's bikes parked right beside them. They change which side of the road you can park on on a weekly basis, but only during certain times of the day. And the signs explaining this are several hundred meters apart... and written in Thai.

    And, there seems to be no concern for private cars and trucks parked on busy, narrow sois, which turns the former 2-way road into a narrow passageway for one vehicle at a time.

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