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Thread: How to tell if your partner is cheating

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    How to tell if your partner is cheating

    This may be good if you are a sponsor 55

    You leave your partner to go back to work and slave to pay for that nice condo but wait she is cheating on you.

    Sleep tracking is nothing new, but one company wants to track when your mattress is being used, especially if you're not home.

    A Spanish-based mattress company Durmet is touting its new Smarttress mattress with what it calls a Lover Detection System, which sends alerts to your smartphone if a partner may be cheating.

    While this may seem like a joke, the Smarttress bed, which doesn't come cheap at $1,750, is filled with sensors inside the spring that vibrate when the bed is in use. Not only does the bed pick up on activity, but its built-in speedometer analyzes duration, impact and intensity.

    If the bed is in use when you're say, at work, it'll send an alert to your smartphone to let you know suspicious activity is occurring in real time.

    While the Smarttress is an extreme step (and pricy) step to take to see if a partner is faithful, commenters on popular site Product Hunt suggest installing cameras instead; or, better, seeing a couples therapist.

    According to one of the engineers who developed the so-called Lover Detection System, when the ultrasonic sensors inside the mattress detect rhythmic movements, the communication system sends information to a server.

    “If it detects suspicious activity regarding time of use, frequency, intensity or speed, it sends a notification to the phone terminal with which it is linked," said Iv├ín Miranda.

    Durmet say the technology is so advanced that the jealous app user will be able to see in real time what parts of the bed are seeing the most activity, giving him or her a mental picture of exactly what their partner is up to.

    “You can’t imagine the tests we have done to make sure the system works correctly,” laughed Mr Miranda, explaining that the mattress can distinguish between, say, a pet dog jumping onto the bed and the sensual movements of a furtive lover.



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    You could do the same with a Fitbit much cheaper.555555

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    3,732 you'd want to buy a new mattress anyway....
    Life is the unexpected ...

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    who uses the bed for sex anymore...that's just so yesterday...555
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    Nels - King of the Aqua-naughties 555!
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    When your alerts start coming in (a few days after your two week sojourn), you might just find she sold the bed to some katoeys for $500 and is back sleeping on the floor.....555

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zablive View Post
    Nels - King of the Aqua-naughties 555!
    think bike baz 555555555
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