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Thread: Tsunami aftermath feelgood story

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    Tsunami aftermath feelgood story

    A family who lost there Mother in the Tsunami in 2004, and were looked after and helped by a Thai couple , whilst their Father looked for there missing Mother, are meeting up after a decade, except they had no contact details and only knew the Thai couples Christian names. So the word was put out, as this article tells

    Ben and Emily Willgrass, were in Phuket on holiday with their parents when the tsunami struck on December 26, 2004.

    Their mother, Louise, was killed by the wave but they and their father were helped by a Phuket couple who took them in and then, because Phuket Airport was shut, drove them to Bangkok.

    Ben and Emily are planning to return to Phuket on July 20, and wanted to meet the couple to thank them properly. But all they knew were the names "Upin" and "Pitchat". See earlier story here. Tsunami survivors looking for Phuket couple who helped them

    This afternoon, just 15 hours after Ben first posted on Facebook, asked for help, the Thai couple have been identified as Pichet and Yupin Sengmuang.

    One of Pichet’s relatives spotted one of the many reports on the internet and called Khao Sod newspaper, which promptly ran a story online. ?????? ª??? 2004 : ???

    Ms Yupin, the newspaper said, is from Nakhon Sawan while Mr Pichet is from Phattalung. Some 10 years before the tsunami they moved to Phuket to open a food and grocery store at Trai Trang Beach.

    Ms Yupin told the newspaper that after the tsunami, they met the Willgrasses, who were searching for the mother, Louise.

    They fed them and bedded Ben and Emily down and looked after them while the children’s father continued to search for Louise. He later discovered that she had died in the Ocean Shopping Mall in Patong.

    The couple said they took care of the children, trying to encourage them and explaining about the situation.

    Since Phuket Airport had a problem, the family were unable to fly out, so Mrs Yupin and her husband drove them from Phuket to Bangkok.

    Mrs Yupin said that she was glad to know that the children – now grown up – would be coming to see her on July 20. She added that she and her husband helped them because they felt very sorry for them and she wanted to do her best to help them.

    She said that she would never forget the day.

    The couple are now, sadly, divorced. Mr Pichet moved back to Phattalung, but Ms Yupin is still in Phuket.

    This afternoon Ms Yupin could not immediately be reached by The Phuket News, but Mr Pichet told us, "I missed them and I am so glad they are coming back to see me. I really appreciate it. Ten years ago they were just children. I have no idea what they will be like now. But please tell them that Thailand welcomes them back.

    "I will probably travel up to Phuket to meet them – they probably won't know how to find their way to Phattalung."

    The Phuket News contacted Ben Willgrass with the news, and with phone numbers for the former couple.

    Ben replied, “It has been a mad 24 hours for us, but thank you for your message.

    “We never expected quite the response we have received, but it just shows once again how amazing the Thai people are. I will be in contact in the near future to talk more.

    Told what Pichet had said, "I'm really happy to hear that, if you speak to him again tell him we are both very excited to see him."

    - See more at: So fast! Couple who helped Phuket tsunami victims already found
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    Nice one.....10 years this Boxing Day

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    Great story. Has been 10 years!!! Where has the time gone? I would have been one of the missing ones had my daughter not asked me to come home for Christmas. I had been staying with a Thai family in a beach hut just south of Kao Lak until I left December 19. When I went back in March the family I had been staying with was missing and presumed dead.

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