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Thread: Songkran 2017 - Where

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    Songkran 2017 - Where

    OK. I visit the Land of Smiles again for my 3rd (ish) time next April.

    Back in 2012 I spent Songkran up in Chiang Mai.

    Had a good time in general. Was pretty mental with all the Water stuff going on. Even crossing the street from my accommodation to a delightful little coffee shop for Breakfast (no more than 10 yds) was a challenge not to get wet. I'm not just talking about the buckets of sweat that was pouring off me (42 degrees) either 555

    Have to say that I found the night time to be a little reserved though and found it a lot more difficult to mingle/party/hook up etc etc.

    I'm comparing it to Phuket/Bangkok though so I guess that's stating the bleeding obvious.

    I land in Bangkok on Tue 11th of April (midday) and figured I would spend a couple of days there (I already have 2 nights at the Dynasty Grand booked - not committed and thinking about changing the hotel if I can get a better deal elsewhere), before heading off somewhere on the Thur/Fri for the weekend (Songkran).

    Now it may well be that wherever I go, I end up staying for 10 days or so, since I fly back (from Bangkok) on the morning of the 25th.

    That gives me around 13-14 days in Thailand and I figured 2 destinations since I don't want to spend days travelling around (unless I can move places in the space of a few hours).

    So the question is, if you were in Thailand, where would be your ideal spot for the Songkran festivities?


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    forget about patong or samui as they might be finished by the time you leave BKK.

    only leaves Pats,HH,Udon or CM for the extended festivities..
    i'd go to samui to escape the heat and water fight shenanigans.
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    I personally think BKK is the the best place for Songkran

    The water fights in Silom are probably the most epic in Thailand and it's a great mix of Thais and tourists all having fun.

    And Bangkok is so big that you can easily get away from the the water fights also, if you choose to

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    Fair point (last line) I guess. Least it gives me a choice 55

    Might be 6 nights in Bangkok then 8 nights in Phuket then.

    Never been to Pattaya though and it appears that's easily accessible from Bangkok so I'll factor that into my options.

    Have met a few new Thai peeps on Social Media so, depending on how things go with them, may have to pay them a visit when i'm over there.

    I think they're spread all over the country 55

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