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Ok so 4 days is never enough of bar girls thanks.. Somene said to me. Or maybe it is enough. either way I am relaxed and well sorted. Thanks 2 number 2 girl .
No thanks to miss Baan Pulu
1 Past girl showed me I mean nothing to her after proffesing her love for me 1 minute , happy about a visa to visit me in Aus. and then 2 days later Not a peep out if her. Video call rejected,Voice call rejected, I can smell something off here, She puts a picture up at the airport with a famous Thai siNger. ( couldnt help it I guess), Show off to her friends. Not to be with him as she is unwanted by Thai culture not mine and knows it. but to go on holiday with a bloke Same 1st name as me I know their history as we spent good times together which confuses the hell outa me now
So the end result for her is no FB friend now, no visa , no nothing, See if the the other Terry will be the guy But I doubt it.
So now I know my worth to her and others like her. basically its this. Less than the shit stuck t their shoes. They would rather lay down and take the money short term.
Oh I am not angry with her but this will finaly be the the end after 4yrs .

Now on to number 2 girl Who is now zero girl to visit as well.
A very slim 40yr old, except this visit . Her belly looked a little bit rounded hmmm I didnt say much as she is suposed to be goiNg to europe to be with a guy so if she was pregnant Good luck to them faithfull she definately isnt but I dont judge Thai hostess girls the same as western women aNyway. Now I normaly ruBer up for obvious reasons but We hadnt ben together for a while. and shit happened. Quik draw all ok i guessed.
Next night same but no excuse for no ruBber.
3rd night change of girl. covered up 😁
last night no cover 😁 and she locks me in. Crap What the
I didnt discuss it at the time and thought about the Pharmacy for a pill for her. but didNt get around to it as she was in the bathroom , After. 4 nights. Cant be much left in the tank. Good luck Mr Euro guy.
I like regular women that insist on cover. Was Born with 2 heads Only eniugh blood to feed 1 at a time ha ha.

no advice needed

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