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A Delta Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N342NB performing flight DL-1076 from West Palm Beach,FL to New York La Guardia,NY (USA), was on approach to New York's La Guardia Airport descending through about 3000 feet MSL when the aircraft flew through hail. The crew decided to divert to New York's JFK Airport, where the aircraft landed safely on JFK's runway 22R about 10 minutes later.


Yeh , it is kinda sad Rob.
There are good operators of tourist places around here who have used this time to busily clean and redecorate their Mum and Dad 'resorts' and guesthouses and keeping the staff on to do so , who gambled on the chance that they would reopen by August , then October , but I dont think thats gonna happen ... But here they are kinda 'rich' compared to many of their fellow Thais with money made from large land value gains and no debt ( except for the new Ford Ranger ) ... so they will be fine.
All the big resorts ( our Corporate 'friends they called themselves} - simply sacked everyone and closed . And now all the free 'food banks ' are closing as they have run out of donors.
The 'fire sales' are starting to happen ... Bee just bought a 2020 ( March ) Honda Click for 32,000 bt . It sold new for 57,000 .
Just what we need ... more bikes under the house ! 555 She only has 5 of 22 scooters rented out , and July is normally a good month for Aussie regulars ...


Holly shitballs, this is realism on another level. The Mitsubishi Icon A5 looks fun too. I checked the price and they're a whopping quarter of a million US. Pretty steep considering you can get a decent Cessna for less than half that.

But still, a few hours on the sim and learning to fly it should be a doddle. Or a Cessna for that matter.

You probably want to start from 2:00

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45% of the fleet of Emirates consist of Airbus A380, hopefully that means that they keep the prices low to fill them up.



Mismanagement and graft sank THAI - https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1976655/mismanagement-graft-sank-thai-says-panel

Everyone knew corruption was rampant within TG, but the reality was even worse - figures of up to 80 million US Dollars in corrupt payments received by politicians, board members, executives .... all the way down the food chain.

Mismanagement was endemic over several decades.

> Meanwhile, in other news, TG's proposed Eurozone charter flights in support of the 'Phuket model' are no closer to reality, possibly never will get off the ground. Likewise, Emirates, have been chastised for scheduling November flights into BKK. Oh, they can pick up, but no transit or offloading is permitted. Etihad has a repatriation flight open but that's about all that's available for some time, perhaps until '21.