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Phuket Expats Life savings likely lost...?

There was a December 17th Deadline, don't know what's happened since...or when the "Auction" is....

Lots of glossy advertising....and copious assurances.....

Phuket Property - Properties Real Estate Development by Tawan Properties, Phuket Thailand

Here's what Andy says....

Phuket developer denies December evictions

“The outstanding issues are the mortgage repayment to the bank and the remaining payment to the builder, where a draft agreement has been issued to resolve this outstanding matter. Within weeks of this date there will be firm plans to bring this debt restructuring to a conclusion.”

OK. Its now weeks from this date so what has happened?



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What a load of bollocks... they might as well face up to it, it's gone. They will be very lucky indeed to see some outcome in their favour.