Car Insurance

Arliss Michaels

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Any expats with some suggestions who is a good source to insure a vehicle in LOS. Plenty available some look too good to be true. All replies appreciated

Moo Uaon

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Norabunga;226851 said:
I use AA, same as Moo for my Bike.
AXA for the pickup. AXA Insurance Thailand :: AXA Thailand
i wonder if it's cheaper through the local office here?

my first car insurance here was,i think through the AXA office, at Phuket Town. 18k baht which was confirmed by others on PI with a similar car as the going rate.
after a claim when someone hit and damaged the front guard while it was parked at home they wanted 6k baht more for the next years premium as "hab claim" so i shopped around and found AA.
they were asking 14k for the same policy so i gladly jumped ship and been with them ever since and i think many others on PI followed.

so the experience there was that going to the local office only set you up for a gouge.


Same experience - AA for ins through AXA was 3-4K IIRC cheaper than the direct quote from AXA Phuket


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My experience was opposite.
Been with AA for the bike since they had an office at Meechok Plaza.
When I got the ute I got 3 quotes. One from the guy at Assist Thai Visa. Around 19-20k iirc. AA was around 13-14k. AXA 11k.