Chaweng Beach


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Chaweng beach is a very popular beach in Chaweng, alot of hotels back right onto the beach so you can walk from the hotel grounds literally onto the beach then about 10m to the waters edge. Most of the larger hotels have their swimming pools right on the waters edge, aswell as a bar for buying drinks, comes in handy. There are a few touts selling there goods along the beach but a polite no thanks and they are gone, not like some tourist destinations I have been to 555

Not much of a laying around the beach type of person myself but there are many people who enjoy laying in the sun for the day, these few pics were from Chaweng Beach in January 2012.



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Just love the difference. Thai's are trying to keep the sun off / cover up and the farang are taking all they can get .


Great pics Rivo, can't wait to get there and see for myself, 555