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Located halfway between Airport Central Plaza and CNX Airport itself - Welcome to Chiangmai Immigration

90 Day Reports and TM30's may be done online (see URL in post#8 below) or at the office. Note: A new drive thru 90 day service began in 2020. The brand new building is air conditioned and has free wifi if you must wait for a particular service such as visa extension, re-entry permit etc.
Edit as of July 2020 : Updated URL and details added.
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Well, that was nice and easy ... the online booking and queue system meant that when we walked in at the appointed time, we were immediately shown past a room-full of waiting people, direct to interview desk #5.

An hour passed as a very pleasant lady Sgt Mjr chatted to Jo about various topics, hair, weather, holidays in Phuket, and I wondered if my presence was really required at all! I felt quite left out of the whole process until handed additional documents to sign .... an extra few mm on top of the 15mm stack of former trees we'd already cut down, filled out and delivered.... but what the hell, it's all necessary ... right?

There was a constant cheerful banter between staff, almost like it should have been 'party-time' and Jo's 2-striper also fielded several phone calls during the hour. I was sorely tempted to wander out and buy a coffee at the stall which must make an absolute bomb ... talk about 'captive audience' !

Eventually Jo's new best friend spoke to me (surprise surprise), to advise that I must return on date x to have passport stamped with 12 month 'spouse' extension and report every 90 days from today ... etc.

That was it. Our paperwork, (all 17mm high stack) was in order, my frayed nerves slowly self-healing, and 1900 baht lighter we headed for Airport Plaza's Foodcourt .... TW was 'hungy' :D:D:D


So do you don't have to border run every three months just show up Rob?

Sorry if I haven't picked up on other threads, you are retiring or setting yourself up in LOS, no more flying?


I get the 12month 'spouse' visa stamp and report my address to Immigration every 90 days, same as 'retirement' visa but with half the bank a/c deposit ... which is kind of back to front... but TiT.
No more border-runs, no more 'helicoptering' ... :D


Thai Immigration's various forms may be downloaded HERE > Immigration Bureau

As with everything in Thailand, Drivers licence, Car/Bike reg'n etc, you must supply 2 copies of everything and sign each copy in BLUE ink.
Any supporting documents, eg rental/lease statement etc, must be accompanied with 2 signed copies of the writers ID card or Passport.

Staff in the various offices I have visited, CM, HKT and Ubon Ratchathani have always been courteous and helpful and speak good English. It is best to inquire by phone or in person if you have any doubts about the process rather than arrive ill-prepared for the main appointment.

Several legal requirements for the 'spouse visa', and perhaps also 'retirement visa', may appear impossible to satisfy. EG: My bank a/c is held at JungCeylon/Patong but Immigration law states that a letter 'dated the same day' must be provided by the bank to back up the passbook balance shown. Any branch can provide a letter, for a small fee. Small details which may seem insurmountable may be overcome simply by asking Immigration 'how to ....' It's part of their job, they are your friend, not the enemy.

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Some new info from a mate of mine who is now (finally) comfortable to do 90 day reporting by mail...


90 Day Reporting BY MAIL

You can apply up to 15 days before and 7 days after reporting date.

Photocopy the following documents:

Passport Copies - all pages signed
Passport page with photo
Date of Arrival (Last Entry Stamp)
Permit to Stay Up Until (Last Visa Stamp or Extension)
TM.6 (Arrival/Departure Card)
Last receipt of Notification (Original)
Completed form TM 47 NOTE: This is a CM specific form (tm47-CM 2014.doc) (tm47-CM 2014.pdf)
There is no fee or charges of any kind for 90 day address reporting other then if you are late.

Send these documents to the following address:

Notify 90 Days
Chiangmai Immigration
71 Sanambin Road
T. Suthep A. Muang
Chiang Mai

Place all the above documents inside and include another envelope that has your return address on it (Self Addressed Envelope) with a 5 Baht stamp affixed to it and send to the address above. Send by EMS from a registered post office and NOT an agent...cost 30/40 Baht.

You will receive a receipt within a few days. Keep this and a photocopy of the previous 90 day report to prove you have posted your application. That way you do not get fined for late reporting. It should be posted no later than 15 days before due date. EMS post takes 24 hours to arrive at Immigration.



>Online appointment/queue system has been broken for many years and the new APP-based system used to provide an approximate 'waiting time' was not working last visit. Still, it's a far more pleasant wait in the new premises.
>Parking onsite is better organised and I have usually found a space although you can also park opposite for just 20bt.
>Photocopy and visa photo services are currently located at the servo opposite.
>Links in posts above have been updated.


@kaptainrob did the immigration office move a year or so ago ?
Yes about 2 years ago now, upon completion of the new building on old site.
Many of us were a bit wary of the return as we'd been enjoying the temporary Promenade location for its ease of parking, food and shopping outlets plus the improved service. After an initial shambles, Big Joke, the then boss of RTP Immi, booted the old CM boss out and implemented many reforms.