Chiang Mai news & weather update


With CM and in fact most of Thailand being Covid-free (more than 40 days) it is still customary to wear a face mask in public and mandatory, along with temp check, before entering chain stores or any food stores. Thai's rigorously follow the rules and always use sanitiser where provided. Shopping trolleys and door handles etc are constantly being cleaned. Conditions have never been healthier and I have not heard a single cough or sneeze since the clampdown began.

You'd barely know there was a pandemic except for the lack of tourists. Many are enjoying the peace and quiet, ease of car travel and parking though others are suffering horribly from lack of income. Hotels are empty or CLOSED, many small restaurants have gone bust whilst others have resumed trading but with fewer customers ... no tourists and fewer locals due to lack of disposable income.

One thing is very noticeable around town, scooter food delivery by Grab, Panda and others ... they're everywhere! More people are eating and drinking at home.

The weather has been fabulous for months despite early monsoon rain which has become quite sporadic. No major downpours for 2 months. Our daily temps are circa 32 to 35c with gentle breezes and occasional cloud cover or an afternoon shower.

Domestic air travel has resumed and we are starting to see more Bangkok/southern Thai's coming north, some in search of property to buy. Otherwise the RE market is DEAD. With far too many projects aimed at the Chinese invasion now sitting idle there's a glut of houses and villa's.

Many expat residents are trapped overseas, unable to either exit their home country or unable to enter Thailand until restrictions are eased. A lot of our neighbours are therefore away indefinitely, their houses sitting empty or with a maid to maintain the property.

FIFO expat residents are locked in, unable to exit Thailand for work while their 'relief crews' work around the clock earning big money.

A friend in the travel industry reports his business (crossing 40 countries) is barely making 5% of normal turnover. Meanwhile some 10 million Thai's face many more months of no income, at least half becoming redundant already

So, whilst one might say life is pretty good in the north I'm sure the hard times yet to come will bring desperation measures into play and see an increase in crime through unprecedented poverty.


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Yes Rob it looks like LOS has a good handle on the virus, do you have any idea what the testing numbers are?

Are they doing area tests or random tests to check for systemic carriers?

They seem to have a good handle on it.

You have to admire how far LOS has come, looking back at how bad the spread of Aids was there, now the public seem to listen a lot better.

Thanks for the report, it been bloody cold down here, 5 at night 21 during the day.


I have no idea what the testing data shows except all new covid is coming from repat Thai arrivals, not community transmission.

Like NZ, though with much higher % numbers returning home, all go direct to quarantine. They're pretty stringent though I can see some problems looming with the new rules + US military arrivals. Lack of Q (army base) and hotel facilities the most likely hiccup.


A very large rain system is moving across from the east and will bring widespread rain across the entire province within the hour, lasting much of the day I'm sure.

Our BigC traffic lights were demolished yet again, last night, 2nd time in about 3 months. CCTV caught the action as a known criminal attempted out-running police through this busy intersection. 2 packages of drugs found in the wreckage, no one killed, some hospitalised.



Administrator bikes involved.
That intersection was an absolute PITA.
The much less busy ring road below should've had the traffic lights instead of the super busy N-S Hang Dong road.
I think you mean underpass should've been for HD road? Agreed, also BigC exit to HD road makes it worse.


Rain which began around 11am has been extremely heavy for the past 2 hours and there's surface flooding everywhere throughout the province. CM to Chiang Rai road is cut >

A local farang asked for advice as their toilets overflow when flushing ... I sent this message of comfort >

Your septic system is inundated with rain/flood water and toilets will not empty whilst flooding remains in the garden and the overflow drain to street sewer. With the soi flooded, water may actually flow back to the septic tank, exacerbating the problem. You can help matters by clearing any debris that blocks drainage in the soi.


And the rain continues, 24hrs now, with substantial flooding throughout northern provinces and as far south as Kamphaeng Phet - halfway to Bangkok!

Chiang Mai traffic was chaos this morning with road closures, trees down, and slippery conditions.


Extensive road works on the outer ring road #121 at Sansai are flooded, the #118 route to Chiang Rai is cut at temporary causeway as bridgework is not yet complete - floodwaters almost atop the new road bearers! Heavier rain still to come.



10,000 or more homes inundated or destroyed. Millions of baht for infrastructure repairs. Crops destroyed and income lost ... All on top of Covid hardships.

Silver lining may lie in a regeneration of water reserves, above and below ground.


Still wet in the north, very wet and soggy. Far more rain than past few years and if we get any major deluge now it will cause serious flooding downstream. Despite local fogging, mosquito's are out in force as there is so much stagnant water lying everywhere.

Air temps are sub 30c and it's quite pleasant working outside, between showers. Managed to get 7 x 10m trees lopped (to ~5m) last week. It took 4 men all day and the 3,500 thb charge included waste removal. Neighbour has tree-loppers booked for their row of 15m mahogany monsters. Everything grows so fast in this weather.