Chiang Mai news & weather update


Has been for the last 15 months, oh! yes and no, her village is about 15Km outside Phrae but it is on the route, both road and rail, from Bangkok to CNX also to Nan. Tobacco, maize and rice main crops and many homestead based furniture businesses; her Mother and Aunts fill, smooth, polish and varnish wood tables and stools etc for 250Thb/day.


The data below is as released by the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee at 1:07 pm Monday, June 7.
  • Two new COVID-19 cases in Chiang Mai Province today
  • the third wave total is now 4,104
  • 4,012 now recovered (+9)
  • 26 dead (no change)


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Vancouver is going to be 35-37 C this weekend

I can't explain how unfathomable that is to anyone who hasn't lived there

It's like being in Dubai at 52 C


With inter-provincial travel shut down even the airport is deserted, locked up. Pai residents reported a Bangkok taxi seen during the night, nowhere to be found next morning, though likely someone sneaking home.

Most locals are scared shitless to move around town so the roads are quite empty, shops are shuttered, and only food outlets remain busy.

Weather is wet, rain periods most days although trending normally for the season. No serious flooding as yet though who knows what may come later. Europe and China hit hard.


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Weather in Korat, well my part has been bliss. Good thunder storms or heavy showers most days for the past month and cooler temps for the most part.
Electric bill turned up today and a 507 baht result. Testament to the cooler conditions.
I did a number on the conditioner the other week but rarely used for the last month.

Keeping my busy in the garden though.


Despite good rainfall this season the dams are well below normal capacity.

From FB:-

  • Mae Ngat Dam is currently at 35.27% capacity.
  • Mae Kuang Udom Thara Dam is currently at 17.01%

The Mae Kuang Dam is at the third-lowest level for this time of year in 10 years. The drop this month (the red line labeled 2064) is due to the mid-year rice crop. All the rice paddies out in San Sai and Doi Saket are full of water at the moment and it has all come from the dam.