Cultural differences


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Maybe Quarky will learn something 5555
(I probably will too! 😀 )

Tonight was a good example

At Ao's co-workers for Canadian Thanksgiving

About 12 Thais and me and the co-workers Canadian husband

The husband's Mom and Dad say they are coming over, which they didn't know they were stopping by

When the parents and sister get there
Everyone says hello and then, bam all the Thais are up against the far wall on the floor and the farang are sitting on the sofa on other side of the room

If you looked at the room, you may think the Thais are being anti-social

But they are really showing deference to the "farang" and making sure they have plenty of room to be comfortable

I found it quite funny( and rather endearing)
But if you didn't understood the culture, I could see someone thinking they were being rude


Or you could say the farangs are rude for sitting on the sofas.. and not mixing with the Thais on the floor... 55