Didnt someone have a motorbike renting/selling business in patong his wife ran?


I have a IDP valid 1 yr from UK Post Office, however when stopped in a car for U turn and exiting wrong way out of a Soi in Phrae (sign at other end says one way after 3:30pm) the Officer would not take my IDL but took the wife's Thai License and made her drive, of course the rule does not apply to the MB's!
My original travel insurance stated max 125cc but my latest only states must be licensed in UK for machine size used on Holiday.


i think if i ever move to los it will be upcountry--
i think i would buy an old bike--pass my thai test even tho' i passed a uk test in 1970
i could maybye get thai insurance
i wouldnt want to purchase a car
unless it was an old banger! and cheap


I arrive June 9th. Someone said to contact Brian or someone else who can rent me a motorbike long term? If you see this can you PM me or Chob can?


^ Useful.
I posted on Bees Bikes fb page.
Dont know how they can make multiple year ones when in Australia its strictly year by year.
Which may mean the site is dodgey ..

Stil , it says honest stuff like "* This license is not valid in China , Japan, South Korea , North Korea."