Differing Hospital Charges on Samui


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As I am coming over to Samui tonight, on Monday I had to go here in Australia and have my warfarin levels checked before I left.

When it was done, it came up at 4.1, which is way to high, I had to cease taking it for two days and was advised to get it checked about a week after I arrived.

Was a bit nervous as to whether it would go up further in the meantime and got another check done today and was back to 2.0.

I was advised of a couple of places to try in Samui and ended up emailing 3 or 4 different places.

Got a reply back from only 2.
The Samui International and the Bangkok hospital.

Reply from the Samui International was as follows
Thanks for your enquiry. Our hospital does indeed do INR tests (costs 300 Baht plus doctor consultation of 700 Baht, hospital fee of 200).
Should you wish to come to our hospital, you would not need to make an appointment; please simply tell the receptionist the reason for your visit, and that you would like to do the INR test.
It would be helpful if you could bring with you any relevant medical notes from your doctor, as well as any information about your current level of medication

Reply from the Bangkok Hospital was as follows
Thank you for your email and to your interest in our medical services.
We do INR testing in the hospital and it costs 900 baht excluding doctors fee (3000) and hospital fee and nursing fee (1000baht). You can get the INR result within 40min-1hr. If you have medical reports, x-rays, laboratories pertinent to your condition, please bring them with you to your first visit. We have an Internist doctor working everyday from 9.00-17.00.

To make an appointment, please be informed that we need to have the patient's personal information in order to pre - register him/her in our medical system for booking the appointment. After we receive all the required information from you, we will proceed to schedule the appointment promptly.

Seems easy thing to get done but quite a difference inn the costs between the 2 places.

Taking into consideration if they have the machines on site to the test without having to attend a pathology dept, the test is normally over in about 2-3 minutes. So to me the BKK hospital charges are a bit high.

Just thought I would post, to let anyone else know that may have to get this test done that it is pretty easy to get organized if ever needed and what the appx costs are at present.


I have found the charges at Bangkok Hospital Phuket always higher than Phuket International Hospital.
This sounds the same.
A good standard of care at both chains, but definitely " for profit ".


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SIH is good, SBH over charges and over services, Bandon may be cheaper than both and closer to where you are staying mate, dont go to the govt one in naithon you will be there all day