Drivers Licence - how to obtain temporary and renewal


New Thai d/l application - your 1st licence is called 'temporary' and valid for only 2 years
Current 2020 requirements are listed HERE

Note: the DLT information is ambiguous in respect of 'invalid/valid' IDP though in my experience it is essential to have a valid IDP in order to circumvent a physical driving test for car.

The renewal process may vary between provinces although Chiang Mai and Bangkok (as per the link), follow the same procedure outlined by Richard Barrow -

* Dress well or you may be rejected despite queuing for an hour or more - long pants and a regular shirt, no T-shirts and shorts!
* There is some leeway given if you've neglected to renew by the due date, your birthday. It's best to renew early as validity is always to and from your birthday
* Always check you have all documents required and ask at the help desk if anything else may be required. It is routine for the help desk in Chiang Mai to perform this check before you receive a queue ticket.


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Phuket has a document check prior to getting a queue number. Expect to spend a few hours. Last time i did not need to see video, but after doing the reaction tests, you wait around for your number to be called. Many farangs jump this queue by just walking up to the counter without waiting for their number to be called. Cunts.

I read somewhere you need to book online, but that may be for driving tests only and not renewal.