Hat Yai to Patong


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Been back here in Thailand now for a couple of weeks and sometimes I wonder if I still am naieve to the ways of this place. Or maybe its just the way the country is. I am guessing that fluid is how I describe it.
Hat Yai is like another country apart from the language. I met some realy good people on a TEFL classroom extension course. Man re they going to find it difficult to stay.
From unfulfilled promises of work accomodation areas to get employment. The Dreaded work permit without a degree and 2 and 3 months contracts on offer now.
Glad I said I wasnt staying as after arriving I made my decision before starting the course.
One day I will find away to live here but not yet.
Had birthday party in Moon bar. Got out of there with only a 7000 bht bill. Not to bad but the desperation got a bit much with constant requests for drinks. Sorry girls If you want to drink your tip money Not my problem.
I even took a look at fish bowl but only cuttlefish there and no soapy girls so haha No thanks.
The Lion Bar still has some sweeties though.
and that was my go to place sorted for the week.

So a good time at night and lots of fun in the class room during the day. Goto love watching the girls clean with heels on .
The condo was ok and a good place to pickup extra tutoring work so it seems. I was offered cash to tutor when just sitting by the pool. If you are going to work in Thailand HatYai would be ok.

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Thanks for the photo journey, Tez. I always enjoy looking at pictures from around the world, and from Thailand in particular.

I can read between the lines. 555


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Now moving on from there Its off to Patong. Memory isnt what it should be especiaLyas its only a few days ago Nvm
Eye surgery is a bitch so I got them both done at the same time. Top lids trimmed. Bottom bags sucked out and trimmed.
i prearanged a live in nurse with no nursing skills required. Never met her before but offer a free holiday and Bingo
Side note shagging with patches over your eyes and a body full of drugs was fun for me .. Probably not her . Ah well i did tell her to keep her eyes closed . ha ha. 5 days and i am over her .
Next after some stiches were removed i caught up with a friend. She hsd previously told me She was moving on . wouldnt take any cash So I gave it my best shot and my head was thumping like a bitch. Its amazing what we will do for a freebie. Going to miss that girl dam 38 yr olds ha ha Prefer them to the chubby 31yr olds and as i am a cheap charlie go go grls sre out.
Was able to practice thai language at my fav bar where I dont hire .
Bangkok now a night or 2 then home. Just wan tthe Last stitches out but that has to wait as i dont follow directions from doctors well. sirport is going to be a bitch with red eyes ha ha

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