Hong Kong & Macao


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Nomad;289310 said:
Had a week in Hong Kong. Bars around Wan Chai are active every night of the week from 10pm or later. Nights out are expensive and roughly the same as Thai prices but in HKD, thus ~5X!

Fenwicks is closed and now re-opened as Escape. Went there on a Friday night, but a bit pretentious for me.

Sundays are a hoot, with all the domestic helpers letting loose from midday. Plenty of sore heads by the afternoon!

To link with another thread. A lot of Africans out the front of Amazonia after midnight. They aren't allowed in many of the bars...viewed as trouble.
I love Wan Chai area......I have some awesome nights

And Sunday afternoons are definitely something very different than I have ever seen!


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View from the Ibis Central and Sheun Wan. Typical basic ibis, yet sensational views.

The next are from the convention centre.