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Hi. I enter with the tourist visa, which is valid for 60 days and can be extended for one month.
The hotel is O2 Luxury hotel, which got good recommendations on a ASQ info site.
I will ask the staff to get me a data sim if internet is bad.
My plan is to stay most of the time in Pattaya.
Of course it looks strange for some members not to tell your boss, but I don't see any risk. Since 1 year we have home office and never needed to turn on the cam.
My flight is next week, booked already 14 days but heard that quarantine will be shortened to 7 days. However only for vacc. people which I am not.
Maybe I will post some updates in a different thread because this is for new members intro.
I can confirm that O2 Luxury hotel has good internet as this was the hotel that my wife used as quarantine hotel.


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Make sure you get good travel insurance to cover you during this pandemic especially... ending up with Covid in a Thai hospital might be a tricky call to your boss... "But boss, I only went to my local Thai takeaway.. and woke up here...."
Could get another Hangover Film out of this one 55555