It's that time again..............


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December since I last updated? Time certainly flies here.

I have been here a year, and have no desire to return home or move or anything like that. This place feels like home now.

Sorted the visa issues way back in December, and am living happily on a retirement extension. We are still in the same condo, because we like it here and the landlord and manager are pretty decent people.

Life here is pretty good, I have no complaints to be honest. The people I deal with are generally friendly, decent people. We have done a couple of trips around the place. Up to Petchabun, Mrs Dave's home town for a wedding (which was an experience in itself). I don't mind it there in the cool season, but like most places here, during the hot season it is HOT!!. Also, we headed up to Kanchanaburi for a few days to get away. Again, I like it there. Plenty to do and see, and a fair whack of Aussie History can be found there, along with other country's history..

After Songkan this year, April 20... we took up in a bar... I can hear the howls now 555. But wait.... I intentionally bought in Low Season. I wanted to see how bad it could get. And to be honest, it hasn't been bad at all. Other than original seeding money for stock etc, I have not dipped into my own pocket for anything bar related. It pays it's way, and puts money in the bank every month. Of course, I am unable to do anything because of the visa restrictions, so I am very very hands off. Mrs Dave manages the place (pretty well). I always remember many blokes telling me "never put more money into Thailand than you can afford to walk away from". It is good advice, and I applied that in this case. But, the place has already returned original purchase price in profits (after all outgoings), so I am not complaining... The only downside is it limits our chances to travel around the place... good staff are there, but they are hard to find, and even harder to keep.

We live well within my budget, even with the AUD being a little weak atm. Since I have been here, my available cash has been cut by about 8K per month due to currency fluctuations. The budget is still good, because I factored in a rate of 22.5 (give or take) when planning... so there was always (so far) a cushion.

I am enjoying life here....


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Good to hear

You should ask Bacon if you can promote your bar
And start a thread

It's good for the forum to have people on it running bars and have familiar places to go to
So it not only helps you, it helps fellow BM's with a local spot to go to


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Nice to hear from you Dave and it was good to catch up with you last year. I will be back in Feb so perhaps I can visit your new establishment and put a few Bhat in to your pocket 555


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Good on you dave01, seems you had a good plan and are doing OK. My move is in a months time, way different to yours, I will try to to get down Pattaya way, Jontien, and look you up one day but I will be based up in Issan.
Chok dee fella.


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Great to hear from you Dave and with a GOOD story-line it is even better :)

As said above ask Bacon if you can start a thread, we all like to hear about what is happening in the bars and make a point of visiting when in the local area. A good deal for both you and BM's.

I don't know if you remember G4orce, an original member, he has come back in lately, he is managing a bar in Soi 6 in Patts.

All the best for the future with the business and TG

Cheers :)

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I back up what JC said. It's more fun when visiting a bar if you know some of the staff. If and when I return to Pattaya for a quick visit I would make a point of visiting this forum's members.