just been looking at the summer breeze prices


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Tez;395482 said:
Only 1 friend that I know has had success in a relationship with an Indonesian lady. 99% I wouldn't trust. Have fun with your eyes open.
So just got back from Bali a couple of days ago the online dating girls did not pan out the way I expected one had a great personality and great sense of humor but her looks were a little different to her profile photo would actually catch up with her again just to hang out. Another girl I had earlier met in Perth when she was here on holidays i met for one night in Bali she seemed a little flakey and dropped a date we had at the last minute I think she had a few guys on the hop. Seems a lot are shy will communicate online but meeting in person is another thing also someone on this forum also mentioned they are working all the time so makes it hard to catch up.
All was not lost I ended meeting a beautiful Indonesian girl from Borneo she was a hostess at a bar so spent a few nights going out with her you could call her a bar girl but no bar fine and she was not pushy and to be honest at least there are no strings attached and havent made anyone sad or mad.
Dont know why this is in this thread about the Summer Breeze but thought I would give an update on my trip and continue where i left off