Koh Samui


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Got some from Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/771619696238063.
Or https://www.propertysolutionshuahin.com/property-search/?property_id=&min_price=0&max_price=10500000

Loads of real estate agents out there...
I used to look at one website out of Hua Hin
It was done up real nice

Can't find it anymore


Always made me scratch my head on how Trumpsters used to say he was "firm" on China.
I guess it was still more hot air with little to NO substance.
Heres "firm on China" and the Biden administration is to be commended on sticking with 'like minded' countries.



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I have been using Crystal Bay/Silver Beach lately for my daily swim/snorkel as the only entrance to Coral Cove has been closed for about 10 days...Silver Beach is also closed atm but I walk in through the Crystal Bay Yacht Club and no one seems to mind..especially as I sit and have my daily diet coke there afterwards....

Water has been pretty clear there on the Headland and very few people are using it...I do miss CC though..the snorkeling is generally better there....I guess the folks there just got fed up opening with so little biz since these last covid restrictions came into play with no booze sales..some days there was no one there apart from me...
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